Monday, 16 February 2015


Long time no poooooost! (I didn't realise it had actually been so long...oops). I don't even have a huge backlog to post either (Most of 2014's work was related so no show!).

Anyway, here's a pile of junk. I'm selling at Dee-Con this year so there will actually be work other than sketches/doodles/etc after this, promise! It will mostly be fanart though...


 I think the era of South Park fanart is coming to an end (maybe...probably totally jinxed myself now).

 It'sa me!

 Also did this for fun - I'm ashamed to say I think this is actually the one year in a while that I actually have work for each month (that isn't some garbage doodle). I'd like to think having a 9-5 art job helped me improve a decent amount this year! My photoshop skills certainly have some experience as a working artist...learned some new software...2014 was a great year! (*^▽^)/