Monday, 6 April 2015


GUESS WHO FINALLY HAS WORK TO POST (that isn't just doodles?!)!!

Dee-Con was the weekend just past and it was a blast!! I'd really like to get more involved in selling at cons and working on various arts and crafts all the time!! I've been looking into being self employed so maybe it will become a thing!

ANYWAY. Now that the convention is over, I can post the artwork I did for it!

The main boys from Free! (Yes, Rin is not here, I am sorry).


 Cute girlfriends (Puella Madoka Magica)

Steven Universe!

  Traditionals! (Wendy & Bebe from South Park / Dipper & Mabel from Gravity Falls / Helga from Hey Arnold / Rose Quartz from Steven Universe / Isabelle from Animal Crossing / Reese and Cyrus from Animal Crossing / Ness from Earthbound / Professor Layton and Luke from Professor Layton / Himari from Mawaru Penguindrum / Clover from Virtue's Last Reward).

Lastly, a very small selection of the marker stickers that I did! (Pokemon, Animal Crossing and Steven Universe here!)

Thank you to everyone that stopped by, it was a really great day! I had a lot of fun :3

Monday, 16 February 2015


Long time no poooooost! (I didn't realise it had actually been so long...oops). I don't even have a huge backlog to post either (Most of 2014's work was related so no show!).

Anyway, here's a pile of junk. I'm selling at Dee-Con this year so there will actually be work other than sketches/doodles/etc after this, promise! It will mostly be fanart though...


 I think the era of South Park fanart is coming to an end (maybe...probably totally jinxed myself now).

 It'sa me!

 Also did this for fun - I'm ashamed to say I think this is actually the one year in a while that I actually have work for each month (that isn't some garbage doodle). I'd like to think having a 9-5 art job helped me improve a decent amount this year! My photoshop skills certainly have some experience as a working artist...learned some new software...2014 was a great year! (*^▽^)/