Saturday, 7 December 2013


It's almost Christmas, yay! I've been doodling a lot of crap lately, still South Park and now...Animal Crossing.
 Bebe the babe.

 I really enjoyed the Black Friday trilogy, Eric's little sweet talking in the garden!! Also Princess Kenny :')

 Totally gay stuff because why not. Also K-Pop inspired, because K-Pop boys love to touch each other.

 This was a speed paint challenge I set myself. I took an hour and obviously only really finished the background. Can y'all tell Katt is my favourite Animal Crossing villager...

 Also I absolutely ship her with Felicity, here's my rendition of them as human girlfriends :'3 Felicitie's headband is based off of my own.

 & Lastly, another Animal Crossing picture, only it's a work in progress! L-R we have Felicity & Katt (ofc), Isabelle, my character, Diana, Bud and then finally Hopper. I'm highly considering adding Cesar because...while he doesn't live in Flanoir, we are totes best buds.

Maybe I'll manage another update before Christmas, but until next time!!

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  1. Nice drawing of the South Park boys. For some reason makes me want to look into kpop and "boys touching one another" ://///// -Kev