Tuesday, 12 November 2013


So, looks like I'm working on a monthly update schedule? (Works for me!)

First up, Puila! So all the first pages of chapter one are thumbnailed, woo yeah!! I'm still working on a few little things before I start the actual pages...and um, also finding somewhere to put this comic too (gah?!).

A page thumbnail (look at that sketchiness), I like Flynn's stupid face in them.

New turnarounds! Altaira, Flynn, Kahlil and Penn.

 More South Park because it's my fave... (That's Henrietta, one of the goth kids up above).

 Also, bonus side project - I've been knitting! I have much more than this now, but here y'are anyway. I'm in the process of making a scarf...it's my first knitting project so it's hella basic, I know!

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  1. Henrietta looks pretty awesome o: glad your comic is coming along nicely ^^