Monday, 7 October 2013



 I've been furiously working on my character profiles and designs to get this comic up and running, we're almost there!! Here's just a few of them..
Allie, the giggly girl who lives with the vikings.
Ami, the very, very cute librarian.
Kordelia the sexiest pirate you'll encounter on the seas.
Micah "Sugar Pork", the first-mate of Kordelia.

 Suppi & Ginger, I'd like to re-vist my personalised a cute style like this!

Finished commission for my cutie patoot flatmate!

 Still a total keen bean for South Park...I really liked the new episode (the one with Minecraft). Probably still more to come in future entries! (I just love the characters too much...) The 2 girls in the middle are Shelly and Bebe btw.

 A bonus Zelos from Tales of Symphonia, because I still love this dweeb.