Friday, 2 August 2013


I'm away on holiday starting tomorrow, off to sunny/hot a heck America (and Otakon next week, I'm so excited!!), so I'm afraid y'all certainly won't be hearing from me for another 3 weeks!

Not too much art this time, I've been surprisingly busy the past few weeks.

 Commission for my lovely friend Ali of her boyfriend Rob! An honorary Puila character now, he's the right hand man of King Wellis and they dwell in the Korb mountains. 

 I'm in the middle of doing a style meme on tumblr, so far I've done (haha if you can't guess then, well, I'm not surprised - copying style's is bloody hard!)
Flynn in Tetsuya Normura style
Ami in Ace Attorney style
Altaira in Akira Toriyama style

 I started watching and getting obsessed with South Park again, oh noes. (Stan with a burg, and Wendy & Bebe)

 Gerald and Arnold from Hey Arnold! Trying to draw them in my style.

 A full group picture of my main bab's in my Puila comic! (L-R: Flynn, Kordelia, Penn, Altaira and Kahlil) This is a WIP, so expect a finished version at some point!

And finally! I started doing some paper craft again, it's hecka fun! Again it's a WIP at the moment, and will be until I get back but...! I think it's looking okay.

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