Friday, 12 July 2013


Oh gee, oh golly long time no post!! Life's been rather hectic...I've graduated (wahoo!), moved flat, and cried about not having a job (oh good god!), also the joys of money woes am I right?! Not sure I like being a regular ol' person, being a student with a student loan was much nicer..

Anyway! Yes hello, here's a wee backlog of some art I've done since my last post here.

Fanart! Scanty & Kneesocks (above) were a commission from a lovely friend of mine, and then Helga from Hey Arnold! who I just really like to draw.
 Comic dudes and dudettes!

Being internetless for 2 weeks (I know, woe is me right?) gave me a really good opportunity to work on my comic, and oh boy did I get a lot done! I think this is gonna be the year I finally launch it, the story is fleshed out, the characters have been worked on a huge amount and it just feels much less kinda floaty and just...characters that exist with no real purpose.

Hopefully next update won't be too far away, until next time!