Saturday, 8 June 2013


Emergency Commissions!!

Hey guys!! I'm opening up emergency commissions for the time being (as I look for work/get some JSA benefits in) because as it is I have no money to eat, or pay my rent (and let's not think about bills!!!). So if y'all want to help me not be homeless or starve that would be more than wonderful!!!
  • I'm offering full body commissions of whatever you want - you, your original character, fanart (?!), your mom, whatever!
  • Furries, mechas and buff dudes and gals aren't a strong suit of mine, sorry!
  • I'm happy to draw naked peeps, but please don't ask for anything pornographic! (You want a sexy naked girl though? I will do it!)
  • I take full payment up front through Paypal, I'll show you the sketch and if you're happy then I'll finish it up and send it your way!
If you're interested please message me or drop me an e-mail at! Thank you!!!