Saturday, 4 May 2013


I think this is the last post of my uni career, I think it is!
This is basically a big ol' compilation of what I have left, that hasn't previously been thrown up here.

 So firstly, I made a book for Maggie (wowie!!). Here's a little sneak peak for the pages...

Secondly, I did a really short and admittedly, kinda boring animation for her...but I wanted something that was a bit more lively than the Fearg Na Mara stuff I did!! This WAS going to be cleaned up and lovely but my old...and buggy so there have been technical issues -__- (aka it's not gonna be all clean and prettily finished for Monday hand in, sigh).
Also, hopefully you can see it, the blogger video makes it quite...light?

 This is what it would have looked like had photoshop not screwed me over... There are a few frames still saved but because I did the animation in Pencil, and it exports frames oddly...setting it up in photoshop will take hours (again) and ain't got time for that I'm afraid!!

 Scene 15 of Fearg Na Mara that I managed to finished before we dropped it.

Some sketches and me trying to work out how Murdo's face was gonna work for that blasted scene 40.

Scene 28's rough keys. It looks weird without his hair blowing all over the joint at the start, but you get the basic idea.

And finally, it's only scene 40, done. But without lighting or shadows on him because the linetester I had to use is...rubbish. (Also, man I hope this shows up, bloggers vids are dodgy as heck(gawd, it looks like not really, OH WELL SORRY)).

And that's it really! Here's one last wee bonus item, because it's been a while. Some clean-up I did for Aero-Sault!

And that's all she wrote!


Some more observational drawings.