Friday, 26 April 2013


Personal Project update go!

Not much else to be done for Maggie's character, she's got a decent amount of artwork, development and the like!

Some more artwork and development for Keenan! I want to fire out a few more cat types for him, and some interactions...

 Aaand finally some home-y concepts. The basic idea is that Maggie lives rather discreetly so really, her house isn't going to be obviously a witch home, but I did want to throw in some ideas I had for more witch-obvious houses if she weren't in the circumstances that she is in.
Also, I put side by sketches with those paintings because I think I prefer the sketches......but I spent so long on those friggin' paintings that they're going on show too!! >_<

Thursday, 18 April 2013


Linetests, at last!
I really don't think there's enough here, so I'll be very frantically doing a few more in the last...last 2 weeks (oh god). These a quite rough, a few of them are pre-cleaned up I think?

Scene 5 from "Fearg Na Mara". This is the original line boil that we were intending to use but due to problems dropped (which is a shame because I think the line boil is kinda nifty!)

Scene 9, pretty shoddy quality - sorry about that! Pretty simple line boil again.

Scene 11.

Scene 13.

Scene 15. We never used this scene in the end as we opted to switch out the animation for paintings. I think his hair is going a little too crazy in wind that probably isn't actually that wild in this scene (I think I was mistaking it for being later on).

Scene 18.

Scene 39

The first set of keys done for scene 40, these were scrapped.

Second set of keys for scene 40, these again were scrapped.

This is essentially what scene 40 looks like as of now, but with his tears falling slower.

Like this!