Tuesday, 26 March 2013


So lots of changes this week...Aero-sault has been dropped as a film, which I've previously done some concept work for (and will crank out a few more, to bulk my concepts!). Fearg na Mara we've decided to scrap the animation for a still image sequence for the outdoor scenes, which I and it seems like everyone else is pretty keen for!!

Today and yesterday I've been doing some style/paint concepts for how these images might look :

Honestly, the 2nd and 5th one I'm not keen on one bit (but the textures on the 5th are maybe kinda nice? The ocean anyway, it's a bit different), they are way too messy...I was just kinda messing around with brushes really?! Also I forgot his oar in 3 of them (oops).

More to come!

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