Sunday, 27 January 2013


Long time no post!
Final semester of uni has begun so way-hay I will be busy until the very end, and then I'm free...and then I will do art all the time.

It's January and Christmas and family/friend time is over, so I've been kinda blue as per every year so I haven't done very much personal art but hopefully I can rectify that, to keep my sanity during this last stretch!

I got really into South Park over the holidays so here's some fanart...I love the totally stylized artwork people do of the characters, anime or otherwise I think it's pretty fun (but I kinda hate that second one now ughh, this is what happens when I can't sleep for days on end)

Quick poses.
 Character on the bottom right was a Christmas gift for a friend~

Start of a expressions sheet (???) for personal project at uni.

 Fanart of Helga & Pheobe from Hey Arnold!, because I love that cartoon :3

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