Thursday, 18 October 2012


Some designs for my personal project. The character is a magic user/witch/sorceress so I tried to do some various ones (she was originally simply, a witch, thus the 2 more stereotypical witch designs!), same pose for simplicity (I'm lazy :P)

Now to do some environment and prop concepts for something a little different...yay!

Sunday, 14 October 2012


Just some stuff from the past ...6-8 weeks?! (And it's not even that much to show, oh crikey...)

It's been a long time since I drew Murdo from the film I'm working on Fearg Na Mara (which you can check out here ->, so I thought I'd better practice..! (Also, I think he should have a chicken, chickens are cute right?)

Some Graffiti concepts for the other film I'm working on, Aerosault (Which again, you can find here -> I'm kind of...a newbie to graffiti and even text/font, so uh, these aren't the best but hey, I think they are...ok?!

Some stylised concepts of Rudy for when he becomes a 2D figure.

So, I entered the mascot competition for Doj-Con! I didn't place, but I got into the top 10, so, not bad!

Some silly personal doodles that I'm keen to practice some colouring on.

AND FINALLY! Due to university brief changes, I need to work on a personal project to pass this skill set thing-ma-bob. So I decided I'd go back to my idea I had at the start of 3rd year and work on some concept art for it! ( I think it will be a really good chance to work on things like environment and background concepts so, it's more work, but I think it's a good opportunity! I have a few sketches so far but none scanned, but I'll get them up for my next post (whenever that is..I need to be more frequent!)

Until next time!