Friday, 2 March 2012


 Long time no post...! It's the last day of week 7 of semester 2, utterly terrifying...

One of the films I'm working on has horses in it, & I don't know how to draw horses - thus practice! Though, they're going to be in 3D rather than 2D (we were unsure initially), but it's good practice none the less...!

My comic I did before Christmas was published just the other day (!!!!), and this was the cover I did for it! I'm kind of bummed out with it though, I was going to up the questionable nature even more with it (I know guys, I know you all think it's a freaking weird comic, I thought it was a funny idea okay!! Don't look at me like that!), by having her sticking a gun in his face...but I forgot when I did this piece. Oh well!

Concept work for one of the films I'm helping out on! (Go check-it dudes and ladies!)

Concept for another film (Which is here!).

Aaand another concept for another film I'm helping out on (still not keen on the colours..changes will be made!)(Aaaand here's the link to it!)

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