Sunday, 16 October 2011


A post one day after another, my my what is the work coming to. Anyway, hurray it's reading week! I'm quick to throw myself in the chance to paint/draw something that isn't uni related, I've already spent 2 hours or so sketching and laying down basic colours so hell, this one will take a while I think.

It's a picture of a character of mine (losely based off a good friend) and her children..the idea is she is a queen, so it's a (royal) family portraiture, minus the father, because that is how I roll. But yes, choosing to paint this so it's going to take a bitch of a time to paint since I'm bloody terrible at it...sigh.

Took a break from it to finish this doodle of one of the main characters from the comic I'm working on for Uni.

She's still nameless, but she's a badass, flirty cop chick (who apparently looks like me....CRY, this always happens......). I've had the character for a while but she originally had pink hair and a plain t-shirt and jeans combo, but it's not very cop like for the story so she's been modified..


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