Friday, 21 October 2011


So I lied about doing personal work, I've been doing uni work still...Probably for the best though because I was kind of falling behind in my comic module. NO LONGER THOUGH :3

Thank God, because if I had this lingering over my head AND animation stuff, I think I would die. Going to try and shove some life drawing up next time, it's been a while!!

Sunday, 16 October 2011


A post one day after another, my my what is the work coming to. Anyway, hurray it's reading week! I'm quick to throw myself in the chance to paint/draw something that isn't uni related, I've already spent 2 hours or so sketching and laying down basic colours so hell, this one will take a while I think.

It's a picture of a character of mine (losely based off a good friend) and her children..the idea is she is a queen, so it's a (royal) family portraiture, minus the father, because that is how I roll. But yes, choosing to paint this so it's going to take a bitch of a time to paint since I'm bloody terrible at it...sigh.

Took a break from it to finish this doodle of one of the main characters from the comic I'm working on for Uni.

She's still nameless, but she's a badass, flirty cop chick (who apparently looks like me....CRY, this always happens......). I've had the character for a while but she originally had pink hair and a plain t-shirt and jeans combo, but it's not very cop like for the story so she's been modified..


Friday, 14 October 2011


I'm still alive....!!! There's not been much in the way of personal work, just Uni work, so here, enjoy this pin-up of the female character in the film I'm working on.
I'll hopefully get some things up fairly's reading week (not a holiday you say? Well, a lie in is holiday enough for me!), so I'm sure I'll find time to scan :D