Sunday, 11 September 2011


I think my cold is FINALLY going away..i thought it was gone but then it came back full force, baww :(

Anyway, I have been hardcore sketching away (or trying to) for my summer project (oh dear lord), I don't currently have any decent scans, but I thought I'd shove up a quickly coloured piece.

The textures were literally thrown on (from cg textures!) for an idea of what plaid/tartan would look like, I'd like her to have some on her outfit but I worry about how hard that is to animate/colour/whatever if she ends up being animated! Or those freckles (that you can barely see) for that matter..OH WELL. Colours are a first draft too so..they aren't final. I'm not very confident about my idea (lol) but doing the concept art for it is fun at least!!

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