Thursday, 10 March 2011


i sold some artwork at local anime convention d-con last weekend! it went not too badly, i certainly learned a lot about the whole con selling business, what sells and what doesn't :)
i would actually really love to do it again now that i know it a bit better! you can get some decent amount of cash from it that's for sure!

anyway, since all i've been doing uni wise is animating in flash and on my main project, i thought i'd throw some of my d-con pics here, most of these sold (hooray!), and got me a nice little pocket of cash! :D

admittedly...i had to throw in a "Hey Arnold!" fanart as i'm kind of buzzing about the series just now (WHY ARE THERE NO DVDS APART FROM THE MOVIEEE).

the professor layton sold in the first 5 minutes of the doors being open (i thought that was pretty funny, it was one i thought came out rather bad after finishing it at 4am one morning)

anyway yeah! this is all i have been doing in my spare time until now, but it was worth it! :D


  1. oh helga and your mono-brow, how i remember you and your...very manly ways. Aaaah, so much awesome (by the way, change your name to awesome...or something that resembles it like...MAGNOLIA STEEL! and you must pronounce it like a english woman who watches to many mystery dramas)
    ... where did my youth go.
    Oh here it is, SAILOR MOON!!!!!!!

  2. Your drawing skills are excellent.