Monday, 19 December 2011


Aiynna is a chubby bumpkin, who likes to show her stuff off..yeah!
I am surprised how much I am doodling this ~holiday~, my creativity usually just disappears when I finish coursework! (Totes not complaining)

Friday, 16 December 2011


Going home tomorrow, & I can't take my markers home (far too many), so I've been using them as much as I can lately, nothing special, it's just nice to doodle & play with them! (Scanner is rubbish at picking up all the colours, sigh).

 I love huge 'fro's, they are so badass.

When I first got my markers I used to draw these guys all the time (but a lot more "furry" like), fun to re-draw them after so long (I couldn't help myself with the tail or ears though)!

Friday, 9 December 2011


Uni literally just ends and here I am, drawing MORE.. YEAH! 

Yet another “originally based on a friend” character that lives in a crazy world with all the others! My friend Alicja is lovely, she always say’s such kind things about my art, so I wanted to draw this for her! (I like weird outfits, can you tell...)

Now to go work on commissions! :3

Thursday, 8 December 2011


Hand in is over, and I am free until next semester, happy days! To celebrate I bought guava juice and haagen daz, because it's windy and I don't want to attempt going out to celebrate, getting drunk and dying.

And here is my comic, fabulously (hilariously) named by my lovely friend Navi : "Code of Love"

Sunday, 13 November 2011


I feel like I haven't drawn anything personal or played with my markers in so long...I caved and peeled myself away from uni work to do something for myself...I'm glad I did!!

Altaira & Flynn gossiping on a cloud, Jelly cat's can't normally fly which is why they're so bemused. Think I may have went a wee bit overboard with all those stars but whatever, they were fun!! And now back to the lightbox.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011


...Comics! Still! I have nothing else to show D: This chick has super hips, damn. Also, I can't draw guns for shit, BUT I TRIED....

Friday, 21 October 2011


So I lied about doing personal work, I've been doing uni work still...Probably for the best though because I was kind of falling behind in my comic module. NO LONGER THOUGH :3

Thank God, because if I had this lingering over my head AND animation stuff, I think I would die. Going to try and shove some life drawing up next time, it's been a while!!

Sunday, 16 October 2011


A post one day after another, my my what is the work coming to. Anyway, hurray it's reading week! I'm quick to throw myself in the chance to paint/draw something that isn't uni related, I've already spent 2 hours or so sketching and laying down basic colours so hell, this one will take a while I think.

It's a picture of a character of mine (losely based off a good friend) and her children..the idea is she is a queen, so it's a (royal) family portraiture, minus the father, because that is how I roll. But yes, choosing to paint this so it's going to take a bitch of a time to paint since I'm bloody terrible at it...sigh.

Took a break from it to finish this doodle of one of the main characters from the comic I'm working on for Uni.

She's still nameless, but she's a badass, flirty cop chick (who apparently looks like me....CRY, this always happens......). I've had the character for a while but she originally had pink hair and a plain t-shirt and jeans combo, but it's not very cop like for the story so she's been modified..


Friday, 14 October 2011


I'm still alive....!!! There's not been much in the way of personal work, just Uni work, so here, enjoy this pin-up of the female character in the film I'm working on.
I'll hopefully get some things up fairly's reading week (not a holiday you say? Well, a lie in is holiday enough for me!), so I'm sure I'll find time to scan :D

Sunday, 11 September 2011


I think my cold is FINALLY going away..i thought it was gone but then it came back full force, baww :(

Anyway, I have been hardcore sketching away (or trying to) for my summer project (oh dear lord), I don't currently have any decent scans, but I thought I'd shove up a quickly coloured piece.

The textures were literally thrown on (from cg textures!) for an idea of what plaid/tartan would look like, I'd like her to have some on her outfit but I worry about how hard that is to animate/colour/whatever if she ends up being animated! Or those freckles (that you can barely see) for that matter..OH WELL. Colours are a first draft too so..they aren't final. I'm not very confident about my idea (lol) but doing the concept art for it is fun at least!!

Wednesday, 7 September 2011


Oh dear god, I haven't updated since april, sorry about that! :(

My summer consisted of World of Warcraft, moving into a new flat with my boyfriend (which i love!!), failing to get hired, working on commissions (!!!), and dorking around playing games and doodling. Next week is the beginning of 3rd year, I am looking forward to it, but I am also kind of crying inside because I haven't done...enough for this summer brief, eek..think I will have to blitz work when this cold dies down a bit!

Anyway, here's a backload of art from summer that's been posted everywhere else.

Aaaand here's some sketchy doodles. Maybe I will get around to colouring or doing something with them.


Monday, 25 April 2011


it's done, it's done, IT'S DONE!!!

for the next 4 odd months i plan to do nothing....but draw my own thang, and play games (oh hells yes!)

ginger de beaumont, actress extrodinare. once a slim beauty and talented actress, she's lost her flair, and her hot bod. though she doesn't seem to realise this clearly - as she tries to put on her old lovely dress...

my first longer than a few seconds animation, i am ...quite proud! this turned out a lot better than i thought, i am so proud u guise <3

Thursday, 10 March 2011


i sold some artwork at local anime convention d-con last weekend! it went not too badly, i certainly learned a lot about the whole con selling business, what sells and what doesn't :)
i would actually really love to do it again now that i know it a bit better! you can get some decent amount of cash from it that's for sure!

anyway, since all i've been doing uni wise is animating in flash and on my main project, i thought i'd throw some of my d-con pics here, most of these sold (hooray!), and got me a nice little pocket of cash! :D

admittedly...i had to throw in a "Hey Arnold!" fanart as i'm kind of buzzing about the series just now (WHY ARE THERE NO DVDS APART FROM THE MOVIEEE).

the professor layton sold in the first 5 minutes of the doors being open (i thought that was pretty funny, it was one i thought came out rather bad after finishing it at 4am one morning)

anyway yeah! this is all i have been doing in my spare time until now, but it was worth it! :D

Thursday, 10 February 2011


updated (aka, better) model sheet of ginger. she's ever so slightly smaller.

come this weekend, and next week i will be working on my flash dress up game for ginger, and the never ending list of things for d-con ..hooray!

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

008's been too long since i updated!

the holidays were lots of fun, but now it's back to the uni grind (hooray....!). we've just started work on a 40 second animation in little groups, and it's so far been quite fun! our group animation is about once sophisticated, slender, beautiful actress, who has now aged and piled on a few pounds. she's been invited to some ~grand~ party of some sort (or something) and decides she wants to wear an old dress. from when she skinny. cue the hilarity of her trying to fit her flabby legs, belly and boobs into this dress... :D

my character design was chosen so here she is!

this is only the first draft, we should hopefully have a more completed final draft perhaps by the end of the week? (I KNOW NOTHING)

and have some working sketches!