Sunday, 24 October 2010


u-ugh, it's been too long since i last updated. my life has consisted of uni & dragon quest ix (oh god i can't stop playing it ...!!)

so uh, have a kind of oldish (a month old i think) pic!

sketchbook doodle coloured in photoshop. :3


  1. Haven't played DQ !X, but it looks like it might be fun for some illustrations and stories if the right people were playing with me. I'm still getting by with FF Crystal Chronicles.

    Why is this guy so sad/cold? Nice "doodle". I'll be sure to check back for more.

  2. Oh it's great! I haven't played together with anyone yet, but I am hoping to soon (someone i know finally got the game!)! :)

    Haha I'm not sure, I think I was channeling my emotion that day onto him, my original sketch had rain in it but .. :) & Thanks a lot!