Saturday, 25 September 2010

fresh start

sami here, starting another blog, it had been a while since i updated my old one, and i thought; new college year, new blog. it made sense!

anyhow, i guess i'll be using this place to post any artwork; life drawing, doodles, concepts, finished, wips (maybe...) and animations!

i guess i'll start off this new blog with some life drawings i've done recently!

ack..can you tell i have trouble with feet? i really do ..ahh..

here's a colour picture and non-life drawing just to spice it up!

(he is ever so slightly based off hide (AWESOME but now deceased japanese rock singer) ..but not entirely >_>)

i hope to try and make regular updates, say ..once a week maybe? i really want to get back into the swing of doing artwork! i really miss it :(
i'm also going to fix the layout and make it more unique sometime soon!

until next time~ :D

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