Sunday, 26 September 2010


oh my, an update one day after my first post! i'm really feeling myself getting back into my artwork, i'm so happy! even if it is just simple silly stuff.. it's what i like doing the most!

did i mention i am a big geek? ...i am, i am a big geek. i love pokemon, and i'm SO SO SOOO excited for the new games!! (WHY CAN'T IT BE SOONER THAN SPRING '11?!) anyway, regards to the pic, this is kotone/lyra/whatever, i love her, she is adorable, but goddamn.. i can't draw her very well, this is probably the only decent picture i've drawn of her :(
her legs are a tad wonky... and her eye ..u-ugh. the original sketch was a bit dodgy and i'm not the best at drawing in photoshop (note, i suck at it).

aaanyway! i will stop there. thanks for viewing!

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