Thursday, 16 December 2010


i feel so narcissistic drawing "my" character all the time. she's the easiest, that's all, well, hers' and navis ;D

not much art so much this holidays, i've been working on character sheets for my characters, they are very long overdue, 3 and a half done so far ....out of god knows how many.

Tuesday, 7 December 2010


it has been ages.


but uni work is over until january (FUCK YEAH!) so i hope to do lots of personal work in my vast free time!

first, 2 oldish pics.

(lookie, it's a sami if she were a pokemon trainer..! oh how i wish)

my super adorable friend mandy ♥

she wasn't really intended to be a hooker but hey, she is now. i'm absolutely terrible with backgrounds and i'm still a complete beginner with digital colouring, but ...i think it looks ...not ..too ..bad? 


Saturday, 30 October 2010


today is the day i post my back log of life drawings. so look out, lots of boobs and ass and general nakedness! ;D

these aren't in any real order because i'm lazy and whatever :D

we've recently started on a new project at uni, animating a flour sack.. so have some flour sack doodles too!


i like fiesta sack and cold sack (drawn when i was FREEZING MY FUCKING ASS OFF in the studio. holy hell) the best. i should have made my animation about fiesta sack. sigh, oh well.

Sunday, 24 October 2010


u-ugh, it's been too long since i last updated. my life has consisted of uni & dragon quest ix (oh god i can't stop playing it ...!!)

so uh, have a kind of oldish (a month old i think) pic!

sketchbook doodle coloured in photoshop. :3

Wednesday, 6 October 2010


some doodle-y background i did when "finished" work at uni (which is total lies, i ended up redrawing everything i worked on that day ..yesterday and today, ughhh)..

yeeeah. i'm not very good at backgrounds.. we're doing an After Effects project in class right now, and i want to do something, at least colour scheme wise like this for the background. minus the red.

Thursday, 30 September 2010


kitties! these were actually done.. mm.. 2 weeks ago now maybe? i've never really drawn cats before this, i'm not great at drawing animals.. but i think they came out alright...! there is another page or 2 but they are kind of.. crap so, this is all you'll get! :)

Sunday, 26 September 2010


oh my, an update one day after my first post! i'm really feeling myself getting back into my artwork, i'm so happy! even if it is just simple silly stuff.. it's what i like doing the most!

did i mention i am a big geek? ...i am, i am a big geek. i love pokemon, and i'm SO SO SOOO excited for the new games!! (WHY CAN'T IT BE SOONER THAN SPRING '11?!) anyway, regards to the pic, this is kotone/lyra/whatever, i love her, she is adorable, but goddamn.. i can't draw her very well, this is probably the only decent picture i've drawn of her :(
her legs are a tad wonky... and her eye ..u-ugh. the original sketch was a bit dodgy and i'm not the best at drawing in photoshop (note, i suck at it).

aaanyway! i will stop there. thanks for viewing!

Saturday, 25 September 2010

fresh start

sami here, starting another blog, it had been a while since i updated my old one, and i thought; new college year, new blog. it made sense!

anyhow, i guess i'll be using this place to post any artwork; life drawing, doodles, concepts, finished, wips (maybe...) and animations!

i guess i'll start off this new blog with some life drawings i've done recently!

ack..can you tell i have trouble with feet? i really do ..ahh..

here's a colour picture and non-life drawing just to spice it up!

(he is ever so slightly based off hide (AWESOME but now deceased japanese rock singer) ..but not entirely >_>)

i hope to try and make regular updates, say ..once a week maybe? i really want to get back into the swing of doing artwork! i really miss it :(
i'm also going to fix the layout and make it more unique sometime soon!

until next time~ :D