Saturday, 22 March 2014


Hello, hello! It's almost April, oh golly gee whiz!! I'm happy for the lighter mornings and evenings though (winter can suck it!). Nothing of super interest right now, still working away at the ol' internship :)

The usual South Park junk, lalala. Everyone smokes in my headcanon apparently (I didn't really notice until just now...). Also, I can't even begin to express how JEALOUS I AM OF EVERYONE WHO'S PLAYED STICK OF TRUTH. Stupid friggin' Mac and lack of console :'(

 But it's okay because I went and got 100% re-hooked on Animal Crossing New Leaf (again, I know). I took up a 30 Day Animal Crossing Drawing Challenge over on tumblr! (There's a link to my tumblr over in the side bar ->). These aren't in order, but are what I've done so far! (I'm missing today because I've not been feeling to great).

Also still drawing my Katt gijinka because her... (she makes a sexy pirate, don't you even lie to me and say she doesn't).

And final little bonus! I drew some old characters (2008 I think?!) that were based on pets... :') Ginger and Jake!

Saturday, 8 February 2014


Oh my good god it's been forever, sorry. Life has been busy, I'm currently interning at a little games studio personal draw time is pretty scarce at the moment!

 The usual, of course. Until next time...!

Saturday, 7 December 2013


It's almost Christmas, yay! I've been doodling a lot of crap lately, still South Park and now...Animal Crossing.
 Bebe the babe.

 I really enjoyed the Black Friday trilogy, Eric's little sweet talking in the garden!! Also Princess Kenny :')

 Totally gay stuff because why not. Also K-Pop inspired, because K-Pop boys love to touch each other.

 This was a speed paint challenge I set myself. I took an hour and obviously only really finished the background. Can y'all tell Katt is my favourite Animal Crossing villager...

 Also I absolutely ship her with Felicity, here's my rendition of them as human girlfriends :'3 Felicitie's headband is based off of my own.

 & Lastly, another Animal Crossing picture, only it's a work in progress! L-R we have Felicity & Katt (ofc), Isabelle, my character, Diana, Bud and then finally Hopper. I'm highly considering adding Cesar because...while he doesn't live in Flanoir, we are totes best buds.

Maybe I'll manage another update before Christmas, but until next time!!

Tuesday, 12 November 2013


So, looks like I'm working on a monthly update schedule? (Works for me!)

First up, Puila! So all the first pages of chapter one are thumbnailed, woo yeah!! I'm still working on a few little things before I start the actual pages...and um, also finding somewhere to put this comic too (gah?!).

A page thumbnail (look at that sketchiness), I like Flynn's stupid face in them.

New turnarounds! Altaira, Flynn, Kahlil and Penn.

 More South Park because it's my fave... (That's Henrietta, one of the goth kids up above).

 Also, bonus side project - I've been knitting! I have much more than this now, but here y'are anyway. I'm in the process of making a's my first knitting project so it's hella basic, I know!

Monday, 7 October 2013



 I've been furiously working on my character profiles and designs to get this comic up and running, we're almost there!! Here's just a few of them..
Allie, the giggly girl who lives with the vikings.
Ami, the very, very cute librarian.
Kordelia the sexiest pirate you'll encounter on the seas.
Micah "Sugar Pork", the first-mate of Kordelia.

 Suppi & Ginger, I'd like to re-vist my personalised a cute style like this!

Finished commission for my cutie patoot flatmate!

 Still a total keen bean for South Park...I really liked the new episode (the one with Minecraft). Probably still more to come in future entries! (I just love the characters too much...) The 2 girls in the middle are Shelly and Bebe btw.

 A bonus Zelos from Tales of Symphonia, because I still love this dweeb.